Henry Briffa Counselling Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Looking into the mind of the psychotherapist

A course of readings and small group discussion
People often ask “What’s your work like ?”
Are you curious about psychology and psychotherapy ?
Are you interested in the ideas or world views that underpin psychotherapeutic work?


The aim of the group is to provide an accessible introduction to psychotherapy to those with or without any experience of it. We will explore material written about the experience of therapy from the perspective of both the therapist and the patient. We will examine the process of therapy and how its structure relates to the structure of the mind. Through readings and discussion we will explore values and ideas about a practice that takes a unique shape with each individual.

The reading material

The reading will include papers by Bowlby, Symington and Yalom. “Papers” may be written in a variety of styles including short stories, journalism, and more formal articles. Reading material will avoid technical jargon and tend towards the experiential, so as to invite you into the consulting room experience.

The reading and discussions aim to provide an experience that is lively and enjoyable.

Expressions of interest

The course will involve 6 meetings and is limited to no more than 8 participants. The cost is $180.

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